lesson 2

We are now going to dis-spell a few misconceptions about having style.

Money cannot guarantee style, to prove this point, go to a political fundraiser, a tennis match or one of those nightclubs where a beer costs $15 dollars; amusement will be had, as you see firsthand that all the money in the world cannot buy style. Brand names mean nothing in the hands of shallow minds. Brand names are worthless in the hands of shallow individuals. I have gone to events sporting about $100 worth of clothing and looking light years ahead of almost everyone there, despite them wearing $2500 suits.

Next, I remember getting turned on to the Stooges when I was a whipper-snapper, and thinking I am now the coolest thing on two feet, WRONG!!, I was on my way, but it took another twenty years before I arrived into the pantheon of KILLER STYLE. The point I’m making here is for the twitter-twats who think because they drank a 40oz, smoked a blunt and bought a $75 t-shirt from Metropolis, they are now cooler then GOD.

This road I speak of is a lifelong adventure, enjoy all the little steps. Talk to people who are older then you, who talk the talk and walk the walk, they have been there and they’ve done it, without the help of the internet. You will stumble, you will fall, but you will get up a stronger, wiser, sexier individual. Chart your own path, find your individual voice, and sing a song of your own as loud as you can, or, just whisper it, as long it's your own voice, you can’t go wrong. As you develop, you will find others who are on the same path; their friendship will give you strength to go into uncharted waters. One of these friendships is worth countless, superficial ones, you will be learning about quality over quantity, which applies to clothing as well as people.

me, and one of my first crushes, an attempt at breaking the plaid on plaid faux pas

me, and one of my first crushes, an attempt at breaking the plaid on plaid faux pas