Arthur Arbit, the owner and head tailor has over twenty years of experience in alterations of every kind, from business to casual, for both women and men.  The work that comes out of our shop is meticulously finished to look as close to new as possible, with care taken to ensure years of wear without deterioration. We can make that old, dull business suit look sharp and up to date. We can transform that dress that you cant get rid of because you like the pattern on the fabric but not the cut, into your dream dress. 

Nathalie Kraynina, has been with Chasing Tailor for a few years, and has absorbed our philosophy wholeheartedly. She brings her specialization in women's wear to the table which compliments Arthur"s men's wear expertise. Together we are able to create one of a kind garments, as well as make your ready to wear pieces uniquely yours.

Video by Niels Alpert