Chasing Tailor prides itself in its reputation as a company that handles jobs as small as putting on a fallen button, to creating custom made suits. Trusting a local tailor at your dry cleaning establishment to fix a button is one thing, but for those special occasions when everything has to be just right, you need a tailor who understands every facet of modern and vintage garment construction. Here at Chasing Tailor we have worked on 1920's museum quality flapper dresses, to 1940's Hollywood glamor wedding gowns, to modern couture masterpieces by the likes of Alexander McQueen. Your gown or tuxedo will get the expert treatment and tailored to look impeccable on you.

Our in-house designer, Nathalie Kraynina, who has a women's wear line, brings her love for classic-meets-modern aesthetic to create a masterpiece for one of the most important events in a woman's life. The client is immersed in the process of creating her dress to create a truly unique and personal gown, veil and all the accessories.